Our first and current focus of the total Zone Development is on the Zone A which consists of 404 hectares. The development of Zone A involves 3 phases which are Phase 1, Phase 2 and Residential and Commercial Development. Within the Zone A, there are two different zones namely, Free Zone and Promotion Zone. The main objective of Zone A Project is to turn it to an industrial park with an aim of creating job opportunities and promoting exports of products manufactured in the industrial park. Zone A project is attracting lightindustry manufacturers and in the longer term, we are expecting that it will attract international manufacturers from a wide range of industries.

Zone B was established due to the initial and continuous strong demand from investors and success of implementation of Zone A and the MOU includes a future development of additional 700 hectares of development in the Thilawa SEZ which is called Zone B. Grand Opening of Zone B was held on 24th February 2017 at Thilawa SEZ Project Area. At this moment, 19.3 hectares which is 23.4% of Zone B’s phase 1 total saleable area has been leased and reserved.