Mission, Vision & Values


To invest in the development of Thilawa SEZ, Yangon Region, for all around socio and economic growth of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and to become a regional leader attracting foreign direct investments.


To create value for all our stakeholders, investors, partners, employees and communities by investing and providing reliable, sustainable business environment through the development of world-class industrial and commercial infrastructure with responsible international practices and good governance ensuring long-term growth.

Corporate Values

  • Sustainability: the process followed diligently to manage financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities.
  • Transparency: there is a real need for the business to be open with all stakeholders.
  • Responsibility: beyond normal CSR with a responsibility to prevent human rights harms, while ensuring corrective avenues are available for infringements.
  • Efficiency: maximise outputs from given inputs, and in doing so, minimize costs.
  • Notable: significant, memorable and worthy of attention.
  • Goal Oriented: focus on tasks and the results of these tasks.
  • Training: develop employee skills to keep the business competitive.
  • Health and Safety: identify workplace risks and put together comprehensive risk mitigation measures.