Our social and relationship capital is the trust and long-term relationship with all the stakeholders we have nurtured over the years. We will continue to focus on building up the trust and relationship with all stakeholders.




Capital providers & business partners

  • Sustainable shareholders returns
  • Timely and fair corporate reporting
  • Respect of shareholders’ rights
  • Management of MTSH’s assets to create long term value
  • Meetings to provide information to investors and analysts
  • Convened fifth AGM in September 2018
  • Appointment of independent third party for AGM voting process
  • Engage through timely disclosure in YSX, Corporate Websites and FB Page to ensure all shareholders have equal access to information
  • Ranked 9th in Pwint Thit Sa 2018 Report
  • Continuous support of UNGC
  • Use of Integrated reporting framework to structure MTSH’s latest annual report

Communities (including suppliers & contractors)

  • Fair & equitable relationships
  • Care for and contribute to the economy, environment and society in Myanmar
  • Transparent reporting
  • Conduct our purchasing activities in a fair, honest and legal manner with openness and integrity
  • Work with local business and voluntary sector support organizations to promote the opportunities to work with us
  • Regularly conduct Thilawa Community Coordination Meeting
  • Public consultation of project before commencement
  • Launch Thilawa Complaint Management procedure to receive, investigate and facilitate resolution of grievance caused by Thilawa SEZ activities
  • EIA & SIA have been performed before the start of operations

Customers (tenants, residents, ...)

  • Sustainable shareholders returns
  • Timely and fair corporate reporting
  • Respect of shareholders’ rights
  • Convene regular meeting with tenants
  • Quickly resolve all enquiries, complaints and concerns raised by tenants
  • Analyze and review tenants calls for prevention and improvement


  • Tax payment to contribute to funding the Myanmar government
  • Compliance with Myanmar laws
  • Support the development of Myanmar Economy


  • Timely payment of taxes (commercial, income): MTSH ranked 28th in highest tax payer list for corporate income tax & MJTD ranked 10th in highest tax payer list for commercial tax
  • Support the activities of governmental agencies such as SECM and DICA
  • Contribute to Myanmar Economy and country GDP through attracting FDI and Job creation in Thilawa region (94 tenants from 17 countries, investment totaling USD 1.2 billion and 5,600 jobs created)


  • Safe & fair working conditions
  • Interesting careers’ opportunities


  • No discrimination at MTSH workplace
  • Fair compensation & benefits including medical expenditures
  • Training and skills development
  • All employees are members of Social Security Board

Interacting with our stakeholders