Our social and relationship capital is the trust and long-term relationship with all the stakeholders we have nurtured over the years. We will continue to focus on building up the trust and relationship with all stakeholders.




Capital providers & business partners

  • Sustainable shareholders returns
  • Timely and fair corporate reporting
  • Respect of shareholders’ rights
  • Management of MTSH’s assets to create long term value
  • Meetings to provide information to investors and analysts
  • Convened nineth AGM in March 2022
  • Appointment of independent third party for AGM voting process
  • Engage through timely disclosure in YSX, Corporate Websites and FB Page to ensure all shareholders have equal access to information
  • Ranked 8th in Pwint Thit Sa 2020 Report
  • Continuous support of UNGC
  • Use of Integrated reporting framework to structure MTSH’s annual report

Communities (including suppliers & contractors)

  • Fair & equitable relationships
  • Care for and contribute to the economy, environment and society in Myanmar
  • Transparent reporting
  • Conduct our purchasing activities in a fair, honest and legal manner with openness and integrity
  • Work with local business and voluntary sector support organizations to promote the opportunities to work with us
  • Regularly conduct Thilawa Community Coordination Meeting
  • Public consultation of project before commencement
  • Launch Thilawa Complaint Management procedure to receive, investigate and facilitate resolution of grievance caused by Thilawa SEZ activities
  • EIA & SIA have been performed before the start of operations

Customers (tenants, residents, ...)

  • Sustainable shareholders returns
  • Timely and fair corporate reporting
  • Respect of shareholders’ rights
  • Convene regular meeting with tenants
  • Quickly resolve all enquiries, complaints and concerns raised by tenants
  • Analyze and review tenants calls for prevention and improvement


  • Tax payment to contribute to funding the Myanmar government
  • Compliance with Myanmar laws
  • Support the development of Myanmar Economy


  • Timely payment of taxes (commercial, income): MTSH ranked 28th in highest tax payer list for corporate income tax & MJTD ranked 10th in highest tax payer list for commercial tax
  • Support the activities of governmental agencies such as SECM and DICA
  • Contribute to Myanmar Economy and country GDP through attracting FDI and Job creation in Thilawa region (114 tenants from 21 countries, investment totaling USD 1.86 billion and over 12,580 jobs created)


  • Safe & fair working conditions
  • Interesting careers’ opportunities


  • No discrimination at MTSH workplace
  • Fair compensation & benefits including medical expenditures
  • Training and skills development
  • All employees are members of Social Security Board

Interacting with our stakeholders