The growth of industry in Myanmar has been instrumental for Myanmar’s development:

  • Since 2005, Myanmar GDP has grown tremendously to reach almost MMK 80 trillion in 2016: this represents an increase of 649% during the period, according to data published by the MOPFI.
  • The industrial sector boomed during the same period and reached almost MMK 28 trillion, which accounts for 35% of Myanmar’s GDP.

The industrial sector fuels Myanmar’s economy. It creates jobs for Myanmar citizens; it creates tax for funding the government budget and, finally, contributes to improving Myanmar’s balance of trade by improving its exports.

The Thilawa SEZ is a crucial factor in this success, providing investors with clarity and a business-friendly environment. Thanks to our business, we contributed to attracting US$ 1.86 billion.

Myanmar’s potential is still extremely significant. Therefore, we should pursue two strategic goals:

  1. Optimizing the value of our current assets. We will achieve this objective by increasing the value delivered to our current clients and by developing our activities in the Thilawa SEZ.
  2. Expanding our operations in other areas of Myanmar. We are striving to become the role model for future Special Economic Zones in Myanmar and to promote, develop and operate those new projects.

We have the right assets to deliver this strategy:

Our value chain