Safeguarding our social license to operate is critical to our success. To do so, we have to understand the expectations of our key stakeholders and to be able to meet them. For MTSH, our approach to sustainability stretches beyond corporate philanthropy.

As a holding company, our corporate responsibility relies on our ability to:

  • Manage the expectations of our key stakeholders.
  • Operate our own operations responsibly, especially with our people and suppliers, as our direct environmental impacts are quite limited. Nevertheless, MTSH has supported the UN Global Compact since 2015 and discloses its COP report annually. We have also identified the main SDGs which are relevant to our activities in our reporting section. We have also decided to transit to the Integrated Reporting framework to structure our latest annual report.
  • Make sure that our major subsidiaries are also complying with our values, policies and principles. For instance, MJTD is also part of the UN Global Compact, and organizes meetings with its local communities regularly. It reports the grievances received transparently.