Regarding inappropriate conduct within the company, employees may officially report any concerns for issues relating to crimes, biases, health and safety within the workplace. An employee shall report an inappropriate activity to his manager, or the head of the department if he cannot report to the manager for any reason. A partner or the agent of the company shall report any inappropriate activity to the relevant director or the committee formed by the company to address such issues. The reports are to be made either in person or with a letter. If the reports were not addressed sufficiently, an employee may report to the head of the HR department or the company’s secretary or the relevant committee as he or she may feel appropriate.

Employees can also report if the managers or the responsible personnel are hiding inappropriate activities, treat unfairly to the employee who reported an inappropriate activity, or do not address the reports of inappropriate activities effectively. The company must protect employees for making reports on inappropriate activities for the interest of the company. In order for the company to be able to protect the employee, the employee must report correct information with the purpose of protecting the company’s interests in a timely manner. This policy is created with the objectives to prevent inappropriate activities within the company, to reduce the damage that arises from inappropriate activities, and to emphasize the importance of organizational integrity.