Our Nomination Committee comprises U Tin Maung Hlaing, Dr. Nyan Thit Hlaing and U Nyi Khin. The Chairman of the Nomination Committee is U Tin Maung Hlaing.  The Board currently intends that the Chairman of the Nomination Committee will be an independent Director.  It is contemplated that one of independent Directors will be appointed in due course as a Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

Our Nomination Committee is responsible for (a) re-nomination of our Directors having regard to a Director’s contribution and performance, (b) determining annually whether or not a Director is independent, and (c) deciding whether or not a Director is able to and has been adequately carrying out his duties as a Director.  

The Nomination Committee decides how the Board’s performance is to be evaluated and proposes objective performance criteria, subject to the approval of the Board, which address how the Board has enhanced long-term Shareholders’ value. The Board intends to implement a process to be carried out by the Nomination Committee for assessing the effectiveness of the Board as a whole and for assessing the contribution by each individual Director to the effectiveness of the Board.