We, the Boards of Directors and Executive Directors of MTSH, understand that the implementation of Corporate Governance is highly necessary and important to create sustainable business activities of the Company and to ensure the Company’s competitive edge and improved corporate image.

We are sincerely committed from time to time and in good faith to improve the implementation of the Corporate Governance principles and make the effort to make it necessary and important for all parties in MTSH.  As such, to ensure the implementation of the Corporate Governance for the achievement of high standards based on best practices. We will consistently strive to achieve the vision and mission of Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Public Limited as a world class company based on Corporate Governance.

We will continuously from time to time to review and update as necessary to the content of MTSH Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct. With shared commitments, MTSH will move forward, grow and excel to achieve its vision and mission to become a World Class company a status that will in turn create added value to MTSH itself, all its employees and the society in observance of Corporate Governance values.


Corporate Image

The image of MTSH which was established based on corporate values serves as the foundation to the employees to execute the operational activities, particularly in interacting and serving the Company’s customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

All employees utilize and develop their own capacities and constantly create innovations for the Company’s benefit ad maintain company’s image, loyalty and infrastructures and comply with what they should do or should not do to ensure customer satisfaction.


MTSH Internal Control

Develop an effective functional internal control system to protect corporate assets and investments, and secure consistent implementation of Corporate Governance.

Ensure that information or data managed and reported are accurate, reliable, timely, consistent and useful for all parties, and as regulated by prevailing policies, procedures, rules and laws and regulations.

Carry out regular and periodic audits, evaluations and consultations regarding the capacities, effectiveness, consistency and quality of work of the operational management of MTSH.


Protecting Company’s Assets

MTSH assets include tangible (buildings, money, equipment and system information technology) and intangible (intellectual property rights, trade secrets, inventions, business and technical information of sensitive nature, computer application programs, business and production knowledge and expertise) assets to be utilized properly and according to the authority given by the management.

MTSH’s assets cannot be used for personal benefit.  All transactions should be approved by the management taking into account the delegation authority, review processes, and internal approval procedures.


Compliance with Laws & Regulations

In all business undertakings, the Company will always encourage compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the principles of a sound corporation as part of the effort to be a good Corporate Citizen and a responsible agent of economic growth.


Safety, Health and Environment

MTSH guarantees a safe and healthy working environment for each employee, and provides sufficient infrastructures and facilities, and make available a work place free of any discriminatory acts and sexual harassment.  The Company also provides and guarantees legal protection and a comfortable working environment.

MTSH seeks to guarantee its personnel’s safety and health while working for the Company.  It develops various occupational health and safety management programs and provide necessary infrastructure (protective equipment and tools and warning sign boards).

MTSH prohibits any use, sale, purchase, transfer, possession or intake of illegal drugs by any individual on the Company’s premises.  This prohibition does not apply for prescribed or legally-consumed drugs.


Insider Trading

Preventing insider trading is necessary to comply with securities laws and to preserve the reputation and integrity of MTSH as well as that of all persons affiliated with the Company.  “Insider trading” occurs when any person purchases or sells a security while in possession of inside information relating to the security.  While, “inside information” is information that is both “material” and “non-public.” Insider trading is also prohibited to all MTSH Board of Directors, Executive Directors and employees, and violation of this Policy may result in Company-imposed sanctions, including removal or dismissal for cause and also it is punishable by law Any employees who, due to his/her position or job, have access to material information that may affect MTSH value is not allowed to disclose such information to any other party.  MTSH will make all efforts possible to protect the interest of its stakeholders who might potentially suffer from any act of insider trading.


Whistle Blowing Policy

All employees or third party contractors who are related in term of businesses with MTSH are expected to carry out their duties in a manner that is consistent with the Code. As a conscious and vigilant organization, MTSH believes in the conduct of the affairs of its constituents in a fair and transparent manner, by adopting the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethical behavior. When employees or others above mentioned third parties become aware of circumstances, which are not in compliance with the Code, then they should communicate their suspicions using the “whistle blowing” policy.

The term “whistle blowing” is used to describe when an employee (or ex employee) discloses wrongdoing within an organization. Such wrongdoing can include unlawful conduct, financial malpractice or dangers to the public or the environment. Public disclosure of confidential information about an organization could clearly be a breach of an employee’s contract; therefore special arrangements are needed to protect both the employee and the organization. It is important that the employee’s concerns about illegal or unethical activities can be raised without fear of victimization, retaliation and that the organization is alerted to malpractice early so that it can be stopped and the perpetrators dealt with.

A whistle blowing procedure allows employees to raise concerns with management about the conduct of others that they consider to be in some way damaging to the organization or others within it.